March 1, 2001

Test Spin: Eric Alexandrakis

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This could possibly be the weirdest album I’ve listened to in quite a while. And I definitely consider “weird” a compliment. Especially in this case: Eric Alexandrakis’ unique cut-and-paste style of songwriting has resulted in a twisted yet somehow strangely beautiful work. It’s hard to reference other bands here; at times he recalls the quirky pop of the Microphones, at others the ear-splitting punk of Clinic, but even these comparisons fall short.

Alexandrakis uses anything he can find to make a tremendous racket. “Ill” is a creepy Floydian ballad with a thick layer of fuzz slathered over the guitar chords. On “Hooligan Hotline,” a Middle-Eastern melody is moaned over heavy riffing. The rest of the album’s 22 tracks achieve varying levels of strangeness, but one thing is consistent throughout: it’s all strangely entertaining.

Archived article by Ed Howard