March 1, 2001

Test Spin: Pfilbryte

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With his nasal white-boy raps and eclectic instrumentation … OK, pop quiz: who am I talking about? Beck? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Beastie Boys? None of the above: this peculiar dude is called Pfilbryte, and he’s definitely got the funk. This album is a raucous, often humorous tour through a dizzying array of styles, all of it based in a funky dancefloor groove.

“The Happy Cat” has a poppy, stop-start chorus that’s catchy without being bubblegum. On “Bicycle,” Pfil shows his psychedelic side with an acoustic 60’s romp. “King Cole” is a heavy stomper with some Beck-style vocals chiming in.

While I still can’t decide if he’s more like the Beasties or the Chilis, Pfilbryte has definitely got that special something that makes me wish I was funky enough to dance to this stuff.

Archived article by Ed Howard