March 2, 2001

A Farewell to My Home and Job

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This weekend will be the last time the seniors of the men’s and women’s basketball teams take to the court. It will also be the final regular season home hockey games for the seniors of the men’s and women’s hockey teams. The men’s swimming team also wraps up its season this weekend. And this will be the last weekend guaranteed to the seniors on the wrestling team.

It is a big weekend for the seniors of these sports.

It is for me, too.

Before I applaud the effort of the seniors on the men’s hockey team tomorrow night, one of the major chapters of my life will come to a close.

If you somehow missed it, last night was the final night of the 118th Editorial Board of the Cornell Daily Sun. Tomorrow, I will hand over the reigns of my beloved section to Shiva Nagaraj.

So as the seniors listed above walk out of the arena for the final time, I will have some idea as to the bittersweet emotions they will feel.

Perhaps the editors of a paper don’t have such a specific goal to achieve as reaching postseason playoffs, but striving to improve the paper is the task of every editor on the mast on Page 4.

And that has been my goal as well. I learned from the greats like Brad Sherman ’98, Betsy Ostrov Veysman ’99 and my hero Michael Sharp ’00.

Have I succeeded?

There is no other judge than you, the people I have worked over 45 hours a week to inform about the latest in the world of athletics, especially Cornell athletics.

It is now 1:50 a.m. on Friday morning, and as I sit in this newsroom looking at those I have worked with and those who will take over tomorrow, I am filled with little but sorrow at leaving what has become my home over the last three-plus years. Sure, I’m joyous at the thought of spending the rest of my time at Cornell with a chance to see friends outside of The Sun, but I wish I could run for another term.

All the complaints from players, coaches and critics are nothing compared to the joy of putting out a great paper. Complaints are nothing but signs that people care about what you do and want you to do it right. Or they are idiotic and are worthy of little but a chuckle.

But the greatest moment of a term for a Sports Editor is the completion of a pullout. Seeing the culmination of 60 hours of work (on top of putting out the normal paper) and seeing people read it all around campus is perhaps the most satisfying experience I have ever had.

It is now after 2 a.m. and I need to go put out The Sun for the last time as the Sports Editor. But I must wish Shiva, Amanda Angel and Gary Schueller good luck in the upcoming year, and may they enjoy helping The Sun rise as much as I have. I’m confident that they will ably serve you by putting out the best source of news for the world of sports on East Hill. And I thank Charles Persons, Shiva and the Sports Board for a great year.

I could have asked for no better opportunity.

Damn, I already miss it.

Archived article by J.V. Anderton