March 5, 2001

Fitness Center Celebrates One Millionth Workout

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The Cornell Fitness Center reached a milestone last week as the University celebrated its one millionth workout. Barbells were pressed, muscles flexed and stairs climbed as the campus continues to seek better health and leaner bodies.

“I was reminded once again how impressive the Cornell Fitness Center is and how well utilized it really is,” said Susan Murphy ’73, vice president for student and academic services.

Murphy joined the Fitness Center celebrations last Tuesday for an early morning workout.

“We are fortunate to have what we have on campus; we often tend to not realize just how lucky we are here,” Murphy said. “Still, what is even more exciting is that we continue to grow.”

In its fifth year of operations the Fitness Centers cater to the campus in large numbers. About 2,000 Cornell students, faculty and staff per day make the journey to one of the four Fitness Center locations: Helen Newman Hall, Teagle Hall, Schoellkopf Memorial Hall or the Class of 1928, Fitness West.

Here people find a place to “come and relieve their stresses from life,” said Daryl Wilson, director of Cornell Fitness Centers.

“Overall, it is just a very healthy outlet for Cornell,” he added.

Students also see the fitness centers as havens, combining exercise with social activities.

“I work out for myself to feel good and keep healthy,” Nicole Freeman ’02 said. “But an added perk at the Fitness Centers … is boys in tight shirts sweating. I get to burn calories and be social too.”

All week promotional activities and celebrations took place at the fitness centers across campus. Activities ranged from a question and answer session with J. Andy Noel, University athletic director, to joining forces with Cornell Catering and providing smoothies last Friday for thirsty gym goers.

Further promotions sponsored by the Fitness Center Celebrations included giving away commemorative T-shirts and pens all week.

Since opening in 1996, Cornell Fitness Centers have continued to garner success and increase in popularity, according to Wilson.

“We are planning to open up yet another Fitness Center as part of the North Campus Residential Initiative,” he said.

The new center will be located in the Commons Community Center which is currently being constructed.

Besides supplying exercise equipment, the Fitness Centers have special wellness programs, physical education and group fitness classes.

“It is expected if you are part of the Cornell Fitness staff you become involved on many levels. So teaching is expected,” Wilson said. “We also find times to work out as well. There is almost a built in work out component of the job.”

Health education and awareness is an integral part of the Fitness Centers.

“We have a mission and it is part of our mission to educate the Cornell community towards a healthier lifestyle, a teaching and learning component is very important,” Wilson said.

Archived article by Julia Macdonald