March 8, 2001

Test Spin: The Cornell Republicans

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Who knew Republicans could actually rock? Well, George W. these guys ain’t, but they are a bunch of talented Cornellians playing loud, fast party punk rock in the tradition of bands like NoFX and the Swingin’ Utters. Their debut album — available on CD-R for an incredibly cheap $2 a copy — includes seven kick-ass three-chord rockers.

On the rousing opener “Hey, Kids!,” the band hits hard with a straightforward anthem. But other songs have a greater complexity hidden beneath the surface simplicity. “Learn To Fight” and “Punk Rock Clown” actually have fairly complicated arrangements and dynamics for punk. The yelled vocals mostly deal with the typical vague socio-political fare of most punk rock, but the lack of new lyrical ideas is more than made up for by the catchy, powerful music.

Archived article by Ed Howard