March 9, 2001

Campus Election Results

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University Assembly: Scott L. Beemer ’03, Kristie McNamara ’02, Adam Schleifer ’03, Michael L. Bronstein ’02

Undesignated-at-large: Uzo Asonye ’02, Noah Doyle ’03, Tom Mendez ’03, Lindsay Patross ’02

International Liaison At-Large Representative: P.K. Agarwalla ’04

Minority Liaison At-Large Representative: Joan Luu ’02, Funa Maduka ’04

LGBTQ Liaison At-Large Representative: Joelle Meniktos-Nolting ’04

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative: Ari Tivon Epstein ’04, Adam Fox ’04

College of Architecture, Art and Planning Representative: Michael Wacht ’02

College of Engineering Representative: Thomas Leung ’02, Abeezer Tapia ’02

College of Hotel Administration Representative: Esther Tang ’04

College of Human Ecology Representative: Ben Solomon ’03

College of Industrial and Labor Relations Representative: Michael Moschella ’02

College of Arts and Sciences Representative: Mark Greenbaum ’02, Josh Roth ’03, Mike Sellman ’04

Class of 2002: President — Lisa Adelman

Class of 2003: President — Casey Linehan

Class of 2004: President — Esther Tang

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