March 9, 2001

Spring is in the Air (Feature Section)

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I know what you’re probably thinking right now.

Something along the lines of, “Spring sports…who cares about them right now. I have other things to worry about.”

And I don’t blame you for it (ok, maybe just a little bit…shame on you).

We’re in the heart of prelim season. You can almost taste sprin break. The men’s hockey team has a shot to advance to Lake Placid if it wins this weekend. And I know y’all are still fuming at the fact that Mandy and Billy didn’t break up on the last episode of Temptation Island.

There’s no doubting that we all have a lot on our minds.

But, just remember, if the snow ever clears (and I do realize that’s big if), we might actually be able to see blades of grass sometime soon.

And that means that the baseball team will be able to take the field, the women’s lacrosse team will be able to continue its run at its first ever NCAA Tournament bid, and the track team will be able to finally leave Barton Hall.

Yeah, it really doesn’t feel like spring yet, and that damn ground probably screwed last month. But if you could for a minute, just think back to last spring.

Do you remember that fateful day when the men’s lacrosse team took the wind out eventual national champion and then No. 1 Syracuse, sending the Schoellkopf leaping from their seats onto the field?

Do you remember the women’s lacrosse team beating the tar out Sacred Heart and Johns Hopkins to win the ECAC Tournament?

Do you remember the baseball team coming within spitting distance of winning the Rolfe Divsion over Princeton on the last weekend of play?

Do you remember Mike Halperin lay waste to all his Ivy League competition on his way to being name conference player of the year?

Well, I hope you do…because it’s going to happen all over again. Only this time bigger and better.

Alright pipe down…I know what you’re saying. Probably something like “Why’s this guy sugar coating everything…there’s no hope for Cornell sports.”

I’m not going to lie and say that any team on East Hill is going to do something earth-shattering this year. That ship probably sailed with the Syracuse win in men’s lacrosse.

But I am going to be brave (or stupid…you choose) and say that one of Cornell’s teams is going to win an Ivy League championship this spring. I ain’t a gambling man, but if I had to put my money where my mouth is, I’d say it would the softball team. It has the senior leadership, it’s tasted winning before, and — after its subpar year last spring — it has the hunger for success that’s essential for making a run at any title.

Like I said, I’m no gambler, but I’ll bet that if you look past the snow, look past the prelims, look past the snow, you may actually realize that it’s spring outside. And you may actually realize that it ain’t so bad to get out of Olin or Uris to catch a lacrosse game once in a while.

Archived article by Shiva Nagaraj