March 13, 2001

Giving the Men's Hockey Team Its Due

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Seconds after the final buzzer on Saturday night signaled the men’s hockey team’s sweep of Princeton, the PA announcer pleaded for students not to climb over the boards. The Cornell student body granted the PA’s wishes and in an orderly fashion gingerly entered the ice through the zamboni side entrance. The culmination of the hockey team’s 2000-2001 season at Lynah Rink was honored by this well-deserved outpouring of student spirit onto the ice and the encore of the celebration came when the students and players gathered as one to chant Cornell’s Alma Mater.

Though I did not join the post-game festivities on the ice, I had a chance to observe the revelry from my section E seat. It gave me an opportunity to relish the moment from above and ponder the hockey team’s imprint on Cornell and surrounding Ithaca community during my four years here.

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