March 15, 2001

Test Spins: Silkk The Shocker

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My World, My Way is a rap album without a doubt, complete with stupid interlude skits, big bass and bad-ass hooks. Silkk is not breaking any hip-hop barriers with this record, though. “That’s Cool” sounds radio-ready and MTV-friendly but, strangely, the cut also sounds like a little harder version of Black-Eyed Peas — with bad lyrics.

Most of the tracks have OK hooks, especially later ones like “Seems Like A Thug” and “What’s Heaven Like.”

Silkk probably thought Snoop Dogg was doing him a favor by rapping on “Pop Lockin.'” But the track accentuates the bottom line. It’s painfully obvious here what a good rapper and lyricist can do for a song — or rather how much better Snoop is than Silkk.

Archived article by Jason Weinstein