March 16, 2001

Cornell Looks to Overcome Deficit

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There is good news and bad news for Cornell’s equestrian team. The good news is it has one last shot at overcoming Skidmore to win the Regionals. If the Red can accomplish this feat, it will progress to the Zonal Championships.

The bad news is the last show comes at Skidmore, where the Thoroughbreds have a stranglehold over the visiting competition. Not to mention that Skidmore has dominated the competition throughout the season. And furthermore, the Red has a formidable point deficit it must make up.

Come March 24th the team will find out for sure whether the Red will enter the postseason together. It is the third time the Red has visited Saratoga Springs during the 2000-2001 campaign, so it is fully aware of the challenge that lays ahead of the team in one week.

But as it is unlikely that the Red can bypass Skidmore, the paramount goal will be to try to qualify as many women possible for Regional Championships. Leading the Red are Junior Julie Cantor and classmate Zoe Orecki, who both have a chance at High Point Rider in the region.

Joining them are juniors Stacey Olexy and senior Kristen Conner.

Last year, Cornell sent a total of twelve riders to the regionals, but hopefully it will surpass the total this year. According to head coach Al Peters, the horses at Skidmore provide his team with the best chance of obtaining invites to the postseason tournaments.

Archived article by Amanda Angel