March 16, 2001

The Only Place to Go for Spring Break is Lake Placid

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Spring Break has finally arrived.

So you may be heading to warm places where the alcohol flows and months worth of material for Sara Katz’s “FOUR-nication” piece may be obtained.

Or you may be heading overseas to become a more cultured person.

Have a good time.

Because I know that the truly dope place to go for Spring Break isn’t Jamaica, it’s Lake Placid.

Sure you can’t work on your tan or play golf, but you can’t see the men’s hockey team try to win its 10th ECAC title anywhere else. And Lord knows the next time you will see the Red take on our archrival Harvard up there.

I’m so excited about going that I haven’t even filled out my March Madness brackets yet.

I am simply mesmerized by the possibility of Cornell winning a championship in a major sport — indeed, my favorite sport.

When I came to Cornell, the hockey team had won the ECAC title at Lake Placid the previous two years. My father, who was here for the Dryden national title team of 1967, had filled my head with the glories of Cornell hockey. I was as excited about getting tickets to games in the famed Lynah Rink as I was about attending an Ivy League institution. (Hey, I was the Sports Editor of this paper, no one ever said my priorities were straight.)

Coming from the Lansing, Mich., I grew up in the shadow of Michigan State. My favorite sports were always football, basketball and hockey. But having a Canadian grandfather who played semi-pro hockey for the Maple Leafs and a father who played hockey in college, the last of the three was what I enjoyed the most.

Through my efforts with this paper I have grown to enjoy many sports I really didn’t know about, but it was always hockey that I loved. I enjoyed being a part of the Lynah Faithful and have had a great time covering the men’s team for the past two seasons.

But I have yet to see a title. And that is why I am so excited about this weekend.

I’m not saying that the Red will win both games this weekend, but I think it has a damn good shot.

By not having to play in the play-in game, the squad will have more bounce in its step all weekend. Combine that with playing the ever-hated Crimson in the semi-final contest and finally having a healthy team, and Cornell is a threat.

So enjoy your Spring Break, wherever you may be going. And don’t worry about those of us heading up to Lake Placid.

We will be painting the town Red come tomorrow night.

Archived article by J.V. Anderton