March 29, 2001


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Ahhh, rap-rock, that most noble of genres. Each note of whiny white boy rapping over cheesy 80’s metal riffs is music to my ears. Right. The truth of the matter is, rap-rock is a pretty damn tired style. Though a few innovators (most notably Rage) have released good albums, the large majority of rap-rock has been … well, a little “limp.”

Enter Hesher, bringing the genre to a new low. That’s a bold statement, but let me clarify by saying that these guys actually do an old-skool cover of The Who’s “My Generation.” I could stop there and let you make up your own mind, but the rest of the album is equally cringe-inducing. “Anytime Of The Day” prompts the comparison of Barenaked Ladies meets Limp Bizkit. If that sounds like a good thing, by all means pick up this album. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Archived article by Ed Howard