April 2, 2001

Egderson De-froed at Final 4

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The ‘fro is gone. The ‘fro is gone.

An unknown intruder broke into the Minneapolis hotel room of Arizona senior Eugene Edgerson yesterday just after the team’s mandatory ‘lights out’ deadline and shaved the hair from the eclectic forward’s head.

While Edgerson and his ‘old-school’ style had made him a fan favorite in this year’s Final Four, many felt the ‘do may have been too distracting to the team. Rumors abound as to who the responsible party is, though the police have no leads at the moment.

Other Reactions

Gilbert Arenas, one of the team’s leading scorers told the media of the shaving yesterday before Edgerson himself addressed the dozens of reporters. With a tear in his eye, he spoke of the times he’d spent with the ‘fro, the fun they’d had together and what the ‘fro meant to the team.

“There will always be a special place in our hearts for the ‘fro,” Arenas said. “It was as much a part of the team as anyone else.”

Edgerson, a self-proclaimed “heavy sleeper,” tried to act cheerful and even managed a smile when asked about how this would save him money on ‘fro picks. Still, it was apparent that the loss of the hair meant more than just shampoo shavings to the 6-6 senior.

“I will find the responsible party,” Edgerson vowed.

The responsible party has yet to step forward, but guesses range from Edgerson’s jealous Arizona teammates to crazed Duke fans to Julius Erving, the famous Dr. J. Erving could not be reached for comment, though many speculate the former NBA star may have grown upset with the apparent attempts by Edgerson to steal some of the old man’s thunder. Dr. J’s trademark looks remain important to him.


Duke fans celebrated the news yesterday, many (including the esteemed Editor-in-Chief of this paper) believing the ‘fro contained a magical power that had helped the Wildcats advance to today’s finals of the NCAA basketball tournament. With a powerful Duke backcourt firing on all cylinders, many question whether the ‘fro-less Cats stand a chance against the favorites. The answer, of course, will come this evening on the court.

Editor’s Note: It’s April Fools! Tricked ya!

Archived article by Sun Staff