April 10, 2001

Changes in Store for Campus Consumers

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In an effort to integrate more effectively with the University’s image, The Campus Store has officially changed its name to The Cornell Store.

“This was a collective decision on the part of the store managers,” said Mike Goode, The Cornell Store project manager. “We have just completed new construction, and changing the official name was merely like a last phase.”

Goode stressed the importance of integrating with the University, and helping to create a standard name for the store.

“We wanted to create a uniform appearance and to be at one with the campus,” he said. “Furthermore, the new name will coordinate better with our online endeavors.”

While many students and faculty may have developed an affinity to the old name, Goode noticed no serious opposition to the change.

“This was a collective decision and no one has had any problems with it,” he said. “We all feel like it’s better for the University’s appearance.”

Acquiring a new name usually entails a lot of extra costs for rebranding. Goode stressed, however, that the store did not incur any substantial costs.

“There was no significant toll on funds,” he said. “Just minor cosmetic changes had to be made.”

Students had mixed reactions regarding the store’s name change.

Jessica Hof ’04, a frequent customer, was happy to hear of the name change.

“It’s great that Cornell finally appears in the store’s name,” she said. “The old name seemed so plain and ordinary. Granted, the new change isn’t that creative either, but at least it says Cornell — which is a first step.”

“I basically don’t see why they did it,” said Adam Malik ’04, an employee at The Cornell Store. “Half the people didn’t even bother to think about the other name. All it really means to me is a new name tag.”

“I think it’s nice,” said Heidi Harris, also a Cornell Store employee. “It’s good to integrate with the campus. Before, we were just The Campus Store; now we say Cornell. It’s seems like a nice change.”

Archived article by Sai Pidatala