April 12, 2001

Daze Invades MTV [American Hi-Fi FULL Interview]

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American Sick Boys

Daze: So we heard you get along with the other bands pretty well.

Stacy: [laughter] We pretend to like them. We hang out with them and we like chum around with then we come on our bus and say “God! Sum and Saliva are a bunch of dicks!”

D: [laughter]

S: No. They’re awesome. They’re great. I love ’em. I love all those guys.

D: Do you guys like touring with such different bands?

S: I think it’s cool. Sometimes you go see these bills and like the same band all the time.

Jamie: Sometimes you go and one’s better than the other.

S: We’re all totally different. You know, Sum are sort of prankster punk rock and rock and roll. And then, Saliva is sort of metal I think.

Daze: How did you guys start out?

S: Well, at first it was just me and Brian [drums] and we would just go to the space when we were drunk and play. Then we added Drew [bass] and Jamie [guitar] and just had a good time.

Daze: Where did this all happen?

S: Boston.

D: Cool, I’m from Connecticut.

Jamie: Connecticut? Where?

D: Hamden.

J: Wow, I’m from Guilford.

D: Boston’s got a pretty cool music scene.

J: Yeah, I don’t know about now.

S: Yeah, some of them are still playing around here.

J: Really?

S: Yeah, Bim Skalla Bim is still playing.

D: So, what are some of your guys Boston influences?

J: The Pixies.

D: Cool, I love the Pixies. They got big in England, but were from Boston.

J & S: Yeah, definitlely.

J: They were great.

D: So how do you go about writing songs? Who does it?

S: Writing songs? I think it, ya know, I think it happens a lot of different ways. Some of them just come, and I think those are the best, and others take a while, maybe months. My best songs are the ones that pop like that [popping gesture]. If I sit down and battle with songs for months and months, it’s generally not going to be any good.

D: So do you guys like recording or touring more?

J: I like them both.

S: Touring’s good because people sing along the words …

Brian: Cool. It’s cool. It’s like People actually like our band! But, I hate those people that just stand there like this [goes stiff like a zombie] and don’t move.

Drew: What do you do when you’re at a show?

B: Well, I’m not gonna stand in front of the stage like this.

D: Well, yeah, but at the back or whatever …

B: Yeah.

D: So do you guys improvise on stage at all?

S: Nope! Not at all.

B: We’re really not that kind of band. We don’t jam.

D: Do you guys do covers?

S: I think we did one once …

J: We pretty much just play the whole record. Yeah, I think it was a Cheap Trick song.

Archived article by Ed Howard