April 12, 2001

Daze Invades MTV [Sum 41 FULL Interview]

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Sum Nonsense

Steve: You want me to make you a sandwich? I make a shithole of a sandwich.

Dave: Do you want some toast?

Daze: I’ll have some toast.

Steve: We have peanut butter, do you want some peanut butter?

Daze: I love peanut butter, it’s like the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Besides coffee.

Steve: But it’s got the nuts in it, though, is that ok?

Daze: [disappointed] Oh, it’s chunky.

Deryck: Chunky’s the best.

Steve: That’s what I like.

Daze: The world is divided between chunky peanut butter and creamy peanut butter people.

Steve: Well it’s also by whole wheat and white bread, now we’ve only got whole wheat, so