April 16, 2001

Student Stabbed in South Ave. Robbery

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Police are still actively searching for the man who robbed and stabbed a sophomore Cornell student late Friday night outside his fraternity house, before fleeing on foot with the victim’s wallet.

The assailant is described as “a black male in his late teens around 5’10, chubby face and build,” according to a Crime Alert distributed by the Cornell Police (CUPD) to members of the Cornell community.

Around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, the Ithaca Police Department (IPD) were alerted that a white male student living at the Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity house on 13 South Avenue, was stabbed in the arm with a folding knife and robbed of his wallet and the money in his pocket.

The victim was given stitches in his arm and released from Cayuga Medical Center Saturday morning.

“[The students] were cooking hot dogs and eating when a guy came up to the crowd and went to one guy and said ‘give me your wallet,'” according to Linda Grace-Kobas, director of Cornell news service.

After the victim handed over his wallet, the attacker used a small knife to stab the student twice in the arm, she said.

His injuries were “not life threatening … but traumatic for the student to have gone through,” Grace-Kobas added.

Matt Hyland ’01, the president of DKE, confirmed that the victim had superficial wounds but “he’s okay now.”

IPD are actively investigating the incident jointly with the CUPD.

“We’ll keep an extra eye out to be sure this doesn’t happen again,” said Sergeant John Barber, IPD.

Grace-Kobas advised students to use extra caution and be watchful of where they are and of their surroundings.

“Don’t argue if someone does come up to you and asks for money,” she said. Students should contact the police if they notice any suspicious activities or see a man who matches the description of the attacker.

Archived article by Rachel Pessah