April 26, 2001

Viewer Discretion Advised

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The semester is winding down, and as you prepare for all of the events that the end of the semester brings, I want to be the first to warn you that all next week, the Sun will be riddled with Senior-Sentimentality. Each columnist will lament over their college careers and recant some lessons they’ve learned so that in the end, you the reader will come to understand that there isn’t a senior columnist on the staff that can believe “how quick it all went.”

There are a few key “Final-Column Comments” that will grace the pages of this paper next week. These utterances might confuse you if you aren’t graudating, they might shock you, and they should be examined. They might also cause you to develop a craving for Key-lime pie, but this column will not examine that or any other unexpected side effects.

Comment I: “I never thought this day would come.”

Really? You never even considered graduation? Because if I told my parents I wanted to go to Cornell for an indefinite amount of time at thirty thousand dollars a year, I’m pretty sure they would have offered the idea of graduating.

Comment II: “Where did the time go?”