May 1, 2001


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Sponsoring a fundraiser isn’t your average class project. But then, HD 464: Sexual Minorities and Human Development isn’t your average class.

On Sunday night, Gary Soffer ’02 performed a benefit concert with musicians Tamara J. Brown, J.B. Osborne and Dave Rubinstein for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which raises money and awareness to prevent hate crimes.

Shepard was brutally murdered in October 1998 because he was gay.

The concert was Soffer’s class project. Each of the 15 students in the class had to do five to 10 hours of “field work” on a topic related to sexual minorities that interested them, as well as give the other students readings on their topic.

“This is a project I was totally excited about. How many class projects do you get excited about?” Soffer said.

He prepped his classmates with readings on Shepard, but instead of giving his presentation in class, he sponsored the concert at Collegetown’s ABC Caf