May 4, 2001

Entertainment News

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All good stories must come to an end.

Tonight, Survivor 2: The Australian Outback finishes its run, with a two-hour season finale to crown the million dollar winner. I do urge you to tune in, even if you haven’t been a fan of the show for the past few months. In my opinion, it’s one of the most compelling and well-edited programs on contemporary television, and for that, it deserves your attention. Trust me, I know this stuff. And for the record, my money’s on Tina.

Survivor isn’t all that’s ending though. Classes wind up tomorrow. This is my last Entertainment News column. In a few weeks, it will be my final day at Cornell.

And much like the CBS reality show, my Cornell experience has been a true lesson in survival. I’m sure you would all have to agree.

Personally, I’ve had to endure grueling prelim exams, soporific lectures, sleepless nights, and reprimands for overpouring in Wines class. But in the Ithaca outback, there have been no immunity challenges to keep me safe. There have just been people. People who have helped make my Cornell days a little more bearable and a hell of a lot more memorable.

First and foremost, my parents. Thank you for being there when I called 4-5 times per week, usually with nothing of import to say. Your unconditional love and support means the world to me.

Daniel & Jason. I wouldn’t give up our love/hate relationships for anything. I see great things for you both.

Kara. I never wanted a best friend until you came along. Thanks for putting up with my stress. You are the only person I can talk on the phone with everyday and never get bored.

Scott. Are you in in 2001? You bet. There is no one else at this school who I would consider a better friend. You have been there through it all, and for that, I am truly thankful. Just quit forgetting so much.

Sarah, Brian, Tony, Gina, and Rachel. Great friends from high school ’til now. I thought I’d come to Cornell and we’d drift apart, but we’re actually closer than we’ve ever been. I am now confident that we’ll be friends for life, and I am most excited to see where we all end up.

S.E. You got me genuinely interested in the Sun, and for that, I am forever indebted to you. You are the funniest and craziest person I know.

Mike, Stephanie, Matt, Aron, Weinstein, Nicole, Andrew, Nigro, Schroeder. One time Jay told me that the Sun is a great place, because everyone knows your name there. True that. You all made the Sun the greatest part of my Cornell experience, and you all helped 119 S. Cayuga become my second home.

Sara: I will honestly never forget our Cruel Intentions skits and our Thursday morning cover stories. Done and done.

Nav: I just found this grimy old pot to use as our first panhandling device in Times Square. So don’t go to London, OK?

Shiva, J.V., and CP: It’s been great getting to know the guys across the newsroom. You represent what is best about the Sun — integrity, levity, and intellect.

Laura, Ed, and Diana. I can leave Ithaca knowing that daze is in good hands. Lots of luck with whatever you may do in the future, but never forget what has come before you.

Jim Maas & Carol Miller. Thank you both for the amazing opportunities you have offered me, and, most importantly, for getting to know me.

Karyn & Laura. Don’t worry, those footsteps definitely aren’t for us. But they will be soon enough.

Most importantly, thanks to my readers. Hollywood is arguably the most dynamic and influential place on Earth, and hopefully, I did it some justice each week.

Now it’s time to sign off.

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