May 6, 2001

Women's Lax Tries for Win 11

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“This game is a supreme test.”

Head coach Jenny Graap ’86 knows it. Co-captains Sarah McGoey and Ginny Miles know it. And the die-hard fans definitely know it.

Should one game define the season? Should it determine the success of a team? Should it make or break the hearts of 29 young women? Of course not. And it will not for the No. 12 Cornell women’s lacrosse team.

The Red will be hosting its season finale at Schoellkopf Field against Johns Hopkins University. As head coach Jenny Graap ’86 reflected, “Our team had quite a season this year. We’ve worked very hard and 10 wins are quite an accomplishment. The outcome of this game will tell us if we are ready for the NCAA tournament but will not determine the success of our season. I know we are a quality team.”

With a 10-3 (5-2 Ivy) record, Cornell is in position to clinch a NCAA tournament berth. No. 18 Johns Hopkins is also fighting for a spot and offers a formidable challenge for the Red. The Blue Jays (10-5) have an explosive offense anchored by three standout players and similar to Cornell, have a tight knit crew with solid team chemistry.

Cornell, however, has more experience, talent, and depth. Freshman Michelle Allen, junior Jaimee Reynolds and classmate Carrie Giancola, have consistently pushed Cornell to new heights. As Graap would agree, Cornell has an ability to dominate its opponents with an aggressive offense while forcing the other team to make mistakes.

“We have tremendous leadership,” she said. “There were some ups and downs, and at times we were not satisfied with our level of performance. But we are a high achieving team and we set high standards. We are not easily satisfied, and our players are very competitive.”

Leadership was certainly a key to the Red’s success this year. Leading by example, co captains senior Sarah McGoey and junior Ginny Miles have excelled in their game, pulling their teammates to a higher level of competition. The women maintained a strong bond by working together and formed a company that wins and loses as a team.

To witness the successful closure to the end of an incredible season is a rare opportunity. At 1 p.m. at Schoellkopf Field tomorrow, you can do just that.

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