September 13, 2001

Subterranean Style

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Instead of dreading the impending winter months of upstate New York that last the better part of a year, rush to your nearest vintage store or rummage through that drawer filled with all those old t-shirts you never wear, but feel too guilty about to throw out.

For the ladies, I recommend cutting off extra large sleeves and sewing them back on where the sleeve is wider than the armhole. The effect? Instant eighties fabulous, drapey sleeves with a cool logo. It’s the pinnacle of casual chic.

For the gents, find the nearest vintage store, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or ransack your Pop’s old trunk full of Seventies college tees long forgotten. Extra small? That’s extra good if you want to show off a bit. Pair it with a wide, distressed leather, studded belt, and a worn pair of blue jeans. And blamo. You’re totally retro cool.

These are just a few tasty treats from your weekly campus style buffet.

Name Julia Durgee

Class 2002

College Human Ecology

Major Apparel Design

What one word describes your style?


Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?

My summer experience in London where everyone was just fabulous and just dressed according to how they felt; more artistically and expressively instead of what’s in the stores now.

What’s your major source for style?

Being a TXA major, half the things that I look at in the stores I feel that I can make. I won’t pay so much money for something I can just whip up. I’ll always go vintage shopping. And then there’s my mom’s closet for 80s things.

What’s hot?

The eighties.

What’s not?

Khaki. It’s a safety thing. People wear it because they know everyone else is wearing it.

Name Brent Ledvina

Class Graduate

College Engineering

Major Electrical

What one word describes your style?


Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?

My friends, definitely my friends.

What’s your major source for style?

Diesel Stylelab.

What’s hot?

Boas are hot.

What’s not?

Fingerless gloves are not.

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