September 20, 2001

Subterranean Style

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Style: Static or Kinetic? Is it something we’re born with as Freud would propose, or is it something that changes along a lifetime?

It may be a stretch to some, but style, as it were, may be considered a behavior. A decision is made everyday concerning what we need to wear (protective function) and then, what we want to wear (aesthetic function). Regardless, you dress yourself everyday and make decisions good or bad.

But are there behavioral patterns that develop that inspire us to claim an unvariable style as our own, or does the personal sense of style morph as we have new experiences? I propose a balance of the two.

Generally, there is a basic core of style beliefs that each person holds. Some of us will always hate pleated pants, while others will never throw out that beat-up pair of Vans. Despite this, new things will come in and out of our lives that will become new favorites to add to the old. Ain’t no shame in that. Hey, Madonna may be a cowboy one minute and a gangster the next, but she’ll always be a material girl.

Name Amadou Agne

Class Graduate

College Engineering

Major Civil

What one word describes your style?


Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?

I take a lot of my inspiration from my uncle, I like the way he dresses and the kind of shops he goes to.

What’s your major source for style?

I live in Paris and people are very fashion oriented. I buy most of my clothes there. Paris is a mix of fashion from many countries.

What’s hot?

I like suits. Especially those designed by Kenzo. I wish there were more occasions to put them on.

What’s not?

Buggy, hippy, and hip-hop clothes.

Name Christine Elfman

Class 2001

College Architecture

Major Fine Arts

What one word describes your style?


Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?

Style of the turn of the century.

What’s your major source for style?

I guess just as long as it fits what I’m feeling inside. I don’t know. Nature, I suppose.

What’s hot, what’s not?

I think that your own fashion sense should stay with you throughout life if that’s part of your identity and it shouldn’t be changing throughout whatever the fashion industry dictates. So anything that you’re doing just because it is in fashion is not.

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