September 28, 2001

A Marked Man

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Ted Papadopoulos, senior captain of the men’s soccer team, is quick to defer all accolades towards his teammates. In response to a question about a goal he’d scored, he would say that it was all due to a sweet feed from a teammate.

While all of that is most definitely true, this is not going to be another one of those stories about a modest, quiet leader who leads by example. This is will be a presentation of another kind.

If you watch Papadopoulos play often enough, you would get the sense that something more is there — a bit of star quality and flare, just waiting to burst out after a successful goal. Modest? Yes, but at the same time Papadopoulos knows deep down that he is the go-to guy.

“He thinks that he’s the star,” commented head coach Bryan Scales.

Backing up this flare is some substantial substance.

“Modesty aside, I’d also say that I’m both fast and quick with good technical abilities,” said Papadopoulos.

He continued to say, “As a senior leader, I have to help [junior and team captain] Liam [Hoban] in setting a standard for the younger guys.”

Why shouldn’t he think of himself as being special? Check the stat sheets. In 1999, his sophomore campaign, he was the leading goal and point scorer on the Red, guaranteeing him a spot on the All-Ivy second team that year.

Papadopoulos has both team goals and personal ambitions for this season.

“As for the team’s main goal