October 2, 2001

On Fanhood

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What does it take to be a Cornell fan? A hardy breed of few, our faithful are banded by a love of sport and an obscene obsession with carnelian and white. You’d think going to one football game and the Harvard hockey game makes you a fan. But you’d be dadgum wrong.

In a land where big time sports have no meaning, the true fans are well-rounded in tastes. A mix of passion with a love for the little (wo)man, the underdog, and the little leagues is a must. A hardy soul and large lachrymal glands also do them good. Here at Cornell, we may not breed champion sports teams, but we do breed champion fans.

So who really is a Cornell fan? You might be a Cornell fan if:

You’ve attended more Cornell-Harvard hockey games in Cambridge than the entire Harvard student body combined.

You’ve been to a sprint football game dressed up like a Roman warrior and yelled at the people who didn’t cheer.

You’ve camped out for hockey tickets a week in advance.

You’ve camped out for gymnastics tickets a week in advance.

You’ve yelled at the opposing goalie from section A for 20 nonstop minutes, causing him to give

Archived article by Sumeet Sarin