October 25, 2001

A Sport for Everyone

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In the midst of the MLB playoffs, the NBA preseason, and the same old NFL junk we hear about every year, there is an area of sports that is often and unfortunately overlooked.

This sector of athletic participation will provide all the things you could ever want in a sport. Participation can be on the individual or team level.

You can fit it in where ever your schedule permits. It gives you a nice adrenaline rush. You feel the little gears in your brain cranking away as you discover and discuss new strategies with your friends. The list goes on and on.

Could this be the perfect sport? One in which you can partake in your free time with or without friends. One in which the court, arena, or rink will always be open. And one in which the thrill of victory is always on the horizon.

As if this was not appealing enough, I can guarantee that you can play with the Jordans, Gretzkys, and Jeters of your favorite sport. Derek Jeter? Yes, the Derek Jeter of the Yankees, the Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (the guy with the Wizards should use a different name like Jimmy Jim or something because he is just plain ridiculous), and the Wayne Gretzky, formerly of the Rangers.

The athletic endeavor to which I refer is the excellent realm of sports-themed video games (SPTHVIGA). Yes, video games, in case you are stuck on the whole Jeter thing.

Sports video games provide a vast array of skills

Archived article by Katherine Granish