October 25, 2001

Subterranean Style

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Ask just about any woman in America who their style icon du jour is and they’ll most likely mention Carrie Bradshaw, the most bodacious of the infamous Sex in the City quartet. Although most women wouldn’t be caught dead in the avant-garde designs that Carrie sports, they also know that they couldn’t pull it off.

But, the actress behind Bradshaw sure as hell can. It’s amazing how little is said for Sara Jessica Parker, the petite blonde who serves as the ideal mannequin. Sure, Sarah Jessica Parker gets plenty of attention from the press for her Golden Globe winning portrayal of the endearingly real columnist who prowls Manhattan for sex tales as avidly as she does for couture, but what about her style?

While Carrie is busy turning heads with her feather bustles and hot pants, Parker sets the bar for true fashionistas and slaves of timeless style with a perfect physique and classy clothes. She’s known for her lady-like ensembles complete with proper accessories and an un-Carrie-like straight and sleek mane. In life as in the closet, Carrie and Sarah don’t mix and match, but they’ll always have Manolo Blahniks.


Name: Sarah Jessica Parker

Class: 1982

Education: Dwight Morrow High School

What one word describes SJP’s style?


Who or what does SJP look to for personal inspiration?

Parker isn’t afraid to echo the romance and glamour of Hollywood past. She often opts for updated retro fifties looks, and other classic cuts from decades past.

What’s SJP’s major source for style?

Parker’s been known to sport big league designer fare from the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Chanel. And no one could forget her amazing collection of Manolo Blahnik heels.

What’s hot?

A tight body.

What’s not?

Boring basics.


Name: Carrie Bradshaw

Age: 35

Occupation: Columnist, New York Star

What one word describes Carrie’s style?


Who or what does Carrie look to for personal inspiration?

Three-quarters avant-garde (South of Spring St.) and one-quarter haute couture (Madison Ave. North of 57th).

What’s Carrie’s major source for style?

Straight off the runways.

What’s hot?

Vintage reworked by cutting edge designers (like this Fall 2001 Imitation of Christ dress).

What’s not?

Wearing one designer from head-to-toe.

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