November 2, 2001

First State Cell Phone Law Goes Into Effect

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A statewide ban on hand-held mobile phones while driving took effect yesterday.

According to the New York State Police, state troopers will issue educational warning cards, explaining the ban, upon stopping motorists for violation of the new statute this month. After Dec. 1, talking or listening on a cellular phone can result in a fine up to $100.

“The use of hand-held phones while driving can compromise the safety of motorists on New York’s highways, said State Police Superintendent James W. McMahon. “Please, drive carefully. Your safety is our priority.”

Exceptions to the law include mobile-phone communication with an emergency response operator, an ambulence, a fire department, a police department, a hospital or a health clinic.

Also, prior to Mar. 1, 2002, the court will waive the fine if a violator presents a receipt showing the purchase of a hands-free device for her/his cellular phone.

Archived article by Sun Staff