November 2, 2001

Test Spins: Agnostic Front

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If there’s such a thing as punk professionalism, it oozes out of the speakers when Agnostic Front’s 10th studio album, Dead Yuppies, spins. These NYC grandfathers of hardcore, founded almost 20 years ago by singer Roger Miret and guitarist Vinny Stigma, have neither gained musical sophistication nor lost their rabid edge. Rapid-fire drums and Miret’s curt, snotty vocals propel 14 shout-along anthems raging against such varied topics as politicians (“Politician”) and pedophiles (“Pedophile”). Luckily, lyrical maturity are not prerequisites for punk success.

The album’s blistering rants briskly hit their intended marks without detours, a sign of a band that has found its niche and sees no reason to experiment. The anti-critic diatribe “Everybody’s a Critic” makes it clear that the Front’s priorities lie with their fans. The title track gleefully portrays the mass slaughter of yuppies, a triumphant declaration of the band’s survival well beyond the decade of greed. Dead Yuppies sounds like it could very well have been released in 1986. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Archived article by Dan Schiff