November 2, 2001

W. Hockey Travels to Face Brown, Harvard

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It will be a big weekend for the Cornell women’s ice hockey team. The Red opens its season against two perennial contenders, first matching up against Brown tomorrow, then Harvard on Sunday on the road.

Head coach Carol Mullins pointed to the importance of the games. Cornell begins the season against two of the tougher teams in the Ivy League. As she said, this weekend, “sets the tone.” But she also expressed confidence in her team.

“We’ve prepared pretty well to be a match for any team and to come out [of this weekend] with a pair of wins.”

Senior Dianna Bell agreed emphatically. “These games set a big precedent for the rest of the season,” she said.

both with a similar game-plan, though.

Bell summed it up succinctly. “We just need to out-skate them and out-hustle them,” she said. “We’re going to go out there and play three full periods.”

Mullins talked about wearing the teams down with the Red’s fitness, playing “strong, smart hockey.”

She made the team’s style very clear. “We have grit,” she said. “We want to play gritty, in your face, nothing is too smooth hockey.”

And that is how Cornell intends to win the weekend’s games.

Mullins emphasized the confidence of the team. “We’re going into these games with the mentality that no one is going to beat us this weekend.” She continued, “We’re looking for two battles.”

The Red is looking for some respect, and it is ready. “This is who it really counts against,” Mullins said about Brown and Harvard. “They’re going to have to fight.”

And the Red isn’t worried. “The players are ready to go,” said Mullins.

The team has practiced hard in the past three weeks on the ice, focusing on developing its fitness and skill.

“This is the most prepared we’ve been in my four years here,” said senior forward Erinn Perushek, “There’s been a giant shift in talent in the league.”

Now the field has opened up, and Cornell is looking to make a mark.

Brown and Harvard present Cornell with different challenges. Brown brings a bigger more physical team to the ice, while Harvard’s players are smaller and quicker goal-scorers. The Red will attack them

Archived article by Matt James