November 8, 2001

Subterranean Style

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After a twice delayed attempt at take-off, the stars finally stepped onto the flash-lined runways of the Shubert Theatre Sunday night for the 53rd Emmy ceremony. In light of increased cautionary measures since September 11, Emmy organizers asked attendees to defer to a business casual dress code for the event.

Although the more bodacious costumes of red carpet past were absent, nominees and guests alike far from disappointed — in fact, they looked sublime. Almost all attendees strutted down the aisle in sleek, sophisticated, demure fashions that made a resounding understatement.

With a proliferation of tailored suits on both the gents and ladies (Armani, Ungaro, and Halston were in the limelight), black and chocolately brown dominated the night’s palette. Hemlines brushed the tops of the knee and pants appeared in glam fabrics such as satin and silk. Men sported smart black suits with calmly colored shirts and ties. Glitz and sparkle were used minimally to accent most guests’ looks, but added a note that was distinctly Hollywood.


Name: Holly Hunter

Occupation: actor

Seen in:

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (Showtime)

Nominated For:

Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

What one word describes Hunter’s style?


Who or what does Hunter look to for personal inspiration?

A spirit of feeling [and looking] young at heart.

What’s Hunter’s major source for style?


What’s hot?

Asymmetrical neckline with a subtle strap.

What’s not?

Sheer fabric, bright lights.

Name: Lauren Graham

Occupation: actor

Seen in:

The Gilmore Girls

Nominated for:

absolutely nothing

What one word describes Graham’s style?

New money.

Who or what does Graham look to for personal inspiration?

Hawaii (born and bred).

What’s Graham’s major source for style?

Most likely her stylist, but hey, it’s all good.

What’s hot?

Her very fabulous butterfly clutch.

What’s not?

Up-swept hair would look so good with this one-shoulder neckline. Better luck next time.

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