November 9, 2001

M. Squash Heads to Scrimmages

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Head coach Scott Stoneburgh and the men’s squash team will open their 2001-2002 campaign this weekend at the Ivy Scrimmages. The Red finished last season ranked sixth in the nation and is only looking to improve, led by junior captain, Jeff Porter.

“The real test for us this season is how we fare against the Ivy League, especially Dartmouth”, says Stoneburgh.

Stoneburgh has high expectations for his team this season. The Red has been working hard on the off-season and Stoneburgh has seen great improvement. He is very excited for the upcoming season and believes that the Red will have a strong and promising season.

This weekend will be a test of physical strength and stamina as the Red will be playing six matches in two days. The Red will be facing Ivy League rivals Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard and Yale. The format for this weekend will have nine players competing for each team in a head-to-head match-up. A best of three matches is played per each of the nine head-to-head match-ups.

“This weekend will hopefully be a good indication of our competition as well as our own capabilities. We will then be able to work and improve from there”, said Stoneburgh.

The strategy for this weekend’s invitational is to avoid injuries at all costs.

According to Stoneburgh, “Practices have been fantastic with solid performances.”

There have been noticeable differences since last year and the key to the Red’s success is to keep pushing and to consistently play at a competitive level.

The Red will begin its regular season on November 17, as it takes on the University of Pennsylvania at the Belkin Courts.

Archived article by Andrew Knauer