November 16, 2001

Made in America

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This should not be read as another trite story about the blue-collar work ethic of some overachieving student-athlete. Someone who has beaten the odds, defied his detractors, overcome injury, studied for a double major in the engineering school, trained with the national team and became an All-American. But senior wrestler and team co-captain Jim Stanec has done just that and with a most definite strong will.

Last season, Stanec was an unknown element for much of the season.

Then after a strong regular season he was discovered and tagged with the top seed in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA) tournament in front of four nationally ranked wrestlers.

So what? Stanec was unranked nationally that’s what.

What? Yes, Stanec did not receive so much as a speck of ABC (already been chewed) gum from the voting panel for national consideration, but he remained carefree and put his name up in the lights with a seventh place finish in the NCAA tournament last year. Doing so, he garnering his current All-American status.

The eighth habit within the book of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People is the existence of a no-nonsense work ethic.

“I am not very ritualistic