November 16, 2001

Thoughts From a Herman

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It’s that time of the year again, kiddies!

Big Red winter sports in Ithaca are back, and there’s a ton of reasons why you should pack your things and head to Bartels Hall for some world-class action. This winter’s action promises to be thrilling, so don’t miss it.

This year, Red wrestling is slated to be a national powerhouse. With the help of coach Rob Koll and led by senior Jim Stanec, this young team is sure to send a handful of grapplers to the NCAA tournament. They get started at home this weekend with one of their biggest tournaments of the year.

And then there’s basketball. Newman Arena promises to display some of the hottest contests to thaw your Ithaca frostbite this winter as the men’s cagers try to turn around their previous woes. The women’s team attempts to further its successes of the recent past.

The men’s team, led by senior Wallace Prather and sophomore Ka’Ron Barnes will try to overachieve and beat its seventh place preseason ranking, while trying to make its first NCAA tournament since 1989.

The women’s team intends to grab its first Ivy title in recent memory. Maybe this year, March Madness will grace our presence on the hill.

Oxley? What’s Oxley? That’s where you can catch a few chukkers of some of the most intense action on the hill this winter. What’s a chukker? Boy, oh boy, do you all need to brush up.

The men’s and women’s polo teams will play a multitude of chukkers at Oxley (get it now?) in an attempt to regain the national title for the men and repeat for the women. The polo program is the most successful on campus, so if you’re up for horses, take the trek up to East Hill Plaza-land and catch some excitement (hold your nose though).

OK, so its really cold and snowy — can you think of a better activity than stripping down to a swimsuit and jumping in the lake! Well, the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams don’t exactly swim in the lake, but the Teagle Hall swimming pool will be the site of some of the fastest and hottest action.

But if the water doesn’t do it for you, check out gymnastics. Trust me, there’s nothing like girls tumbling all over and winning titles. Every year coach Paul Beckwith and his squad seems to break more and more records each year.

There’s always squash, and I truly recommend a trip to see the brand new squash and tennis facilities, they’re incredibly nice. Plus, I truly feel there’s no greater sport to say than squash. I mean heck, it’s like a vegetable, but with projectiles.

Add to that a heck of fencing squad (fighting with swords is insanely cool), an indoor track team that always performs well and a women’s hockey team that will try to prove itself in a among the best teams in the country, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to leave your room this winter.

I promise it’ll be fun.

Archived article by Charles Persons