November 26, 2001

Alumna, AIDS Activist, Pressures Global Heads

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For three days at the Czech Republic’s Forum 2000 this semester, Lydiah Bosire ’01 had complete access to some of the world’s greatest minds.

“Day one you’re in shock, day two you’re having lunch with Frederik de Klerk and day three you’re talking to Jeffrey Sachs like you’ve known him forever,” she said.

After attending the 1999 conference in Prague, Bosire returned to the Forum last month to introduce the delegates to Youth Against AIDS, a global network of young AIDS activists she co-founded two years ago.

In the company of former President Bill Clinton, former South African President de Klerk and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Elie Wiesel, Bosire stressed at the conference that the AIDS crisis in Africa must not be overlooked in spite of the ongoing War on Terrorism.

“8,600 people are dying by the day of AIDS and that creates a long-term security threat,” she said. “The people who are being marginalized by the current trends become the weapons of future Osama bin Ladens.”

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