November 29, 2001

Entertainment News

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Digital Revolution

Entertainment Weekly magazine recently reported that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston’s appearances were touched up with digital effects during their performances on Jackson’s 30th Anniversary tribute concert that aired on CBS earlier this month.

Computer effects were apparently used to remove things like sweat and the stars’ overall emaciated appearances, smoothing away protruding bones and sunken eyes.

If Jackson and Houston want to save some money, they should just go to McDonald’s and order a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese like the rest of us. Altered appearences aside, the concert was the third most watched show that week, with 25.7 million viewers.

Size Envy

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News is reporting that Jackson called Sony’s chairman in Japan to complain about the lack of promotion for his new album, Invincible. The self-proclaimed King of Pop is apparently upset over the lack of huge billboards sporting his image, while ads for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone saturate the skyline.

Reports indicate that the Japanese government refused to allow the mammoth images of Jackson, fearing they would attract Godzilla, who might mistake the enormous Jacksons for potential mates.

Burning Mad

Residents in Highland Park, Michigan are up in arms over rap-star Eminem’s plans to burn down three vacant homes during the filming of his upcoming movie.

In the still-untitled flick, Eminem plays a character named Jimmy, who learns to express himself through music, and struggles to escape his bleak beginnings in the trailer parks of Michigan. Oscar-winner Kim Basinger is vying to play the role of Jimmy’s mother. The semi-autobiographical movie is slated to hit theaters sometime next year.

It could be worse; at least Eminem isn’t planning to burn down inhabited homes. I guess he’s mellowing with age.

Porno for Pee-Wee?

Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-Wee Herman, is in the news for possible sex-related offenses again. L.A. police recently raided the actor’s home in Hollywood Hills after an unidentified accuser claimed that Reubens was in possession of child pornography.

Reubens’ publicist claims, however, that the accusation is unfounded and Pee-Wee is the victim of a blackmail attempt. A spokesperson confirmed that police did confiscate material from Reubens’ home, including “vintage erotica, kitsch art and photography,” as well as some videos. The rep says kiddie porn wasn’t part of the collection, and the police haven’t filed any charges.

The National Enquirer apparently didn’t need any confirmations, as it planned to publish a front-page story on the raid, claiming cops seized nearly 2,000 videotapes, thousands of pornographic photos and books and three computers containing “lewd material.”

L.A. police refused to comment Wednesday on whether any investigation is taking place at all.

“I haven’t seen the Enquirer article, but all I know is I consider it reckless journalism to report on something before an investigation is complete,” Reubens’ rep commented.

Pee-Wee needs to hire a more articulate publicist — whatever the Enquirer does, it sure as hell isn’t journalism, reckless or otherwise.

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