November 29, 2001

Subterranean Style

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It’s trying to be winter, but it’s not quite making it. There’s enough bite in the air that the infamous sweater coat isn’t cutting it, but full-fledged Thinsulate packed wool coats are too stifling.

Hitting highs of 67 degrees in late November is a challenge, but one that can met. The answer comes in a multitude of forms that have surfaced for the colder months in functional fabrics such as corduroy, denim, leather, suede, sherpa, pressed flannel, and fleece. The chicest forms are defined as classic blazer looks, racy motocross cuts, and leisurely belted styles that range from high-class bathrobes to stealthy inspector jackets.

What these jackets sacrifice in bulk, they compensate for with wind resistant, durable fabrics.The subdued and classical palette these cold weather mainstays are available in, work with almost any color code. Neutral camels, cool dark browns, versatile black, and heathered greys make it easy to throw a jacket over almost any color ensemble. Better yet, most of these pieces are more affordable than the staple winter wool or cashmere coat. It’s possible to buy a few in different styles, colors, and fabrics to spice things up.


Name: Katie Healy

Class: 2005

College :Arts & Sciences

Major: Undecided

What one word describes your style?


Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?

My inspiraticn is all over this campus.

What’s your major source for style?

Thrift stores.

What’s hot?

Lip gloss. My friend just gave this one called Liplights Mocha Mousse that’s great. And wigs and hoop earrings.


Name: Michelle Landau

Class: 2003

College: Human Ecology

Major: TXA Management

What one word describes your style?

Trendy. I usually follow whatever is on TV and magazines. In Style is my favorite magazine.

Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?

I like Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts.

What’s your major source for style?

Department Stores. I like Saks and Bloomingdale’s.

What’s hot?

Leather, suede, camel, and brown. A lot of fashion jewelry.

What’s not?

Fur and low cut jeans that flare too much.

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