November 29, 2001

Weathering the Storm

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Creed doesn’t believe their music is Weathered, a fact made obvious on the band’s third album. The Florida-based band returns for the first time since their multi-platinum sophomore endeavor Human Clay, minus bassist Brian Marshall. While the CD offers heavy riffs and aggressive lyrics, many of the songs could be mistaken for tracks on Creed’s past releases.

Weathered begins with the hard rock of “Bullets,” a song that may be deemed slightly disturbing as singer Scott Stapp screams, “Look at me/ At least look at me when you shoot a bullet through my head.” The song is more reminiscent of the heavier sound of Creed’s first album My Own Prison than anything from the more subdued Human Clay. The track is followed by the eerily timely “Freedom Fighter,” another guitar-driven song in which an enraged Stapp proclaims, “I feel sorry for your soul/ Can’t you hear the ringing ’cause for you the bell tolls/ I’m just a freedom fighter/ No remorse/ Raging on in holy war.” Many of the other songs on Weathered follow this same technique — aggressive and sometimes hopeless lyrics interwoven with strong electric guitars. While this produces guaranteed hits for mainstream rock radio stations, it leads to many of the songs sounding extremely similar to one another. Weathered’s first single “My Sacrifice” sounds amazingly like every other song that made Creed popular (i.e. Human Clay’s “Higher”) with new lyrics: “When you are with me/ I’m free