November 30, 2001

Equestrian Rolls Out Red Carpet

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The equestrian team will host its first of two shows this season at the Oxley equestrian center on Sunday. The Red is coming off one of its most impressive showing in recent memory, sharing first place with the home team two weeks ago at the Skidmore Show. This is a feat, which has been rarely accomplished in Saratoga Springs as regional behemoth Skidmore has traditionally won on its own turf.

“I can’t express how important the tie was at Skidmore. I can’t remember the last time some on came in and tied Skidmore at its own place. This is a great feat and a huge step for the program,” head coach Christopher Mitchell said.

Cornell’s shared victory allowed the Red to keep its ground in the regional point totals, preventing Skidmore from expanding its lead.

“We had a great day,” senior tri-captain Helen O’Brien said. “We are definitely coming into this weekend trying to beat Skidmore.”

Hosting the event will give Cornell an advantage given its familiarity with its own horses and with its own track. However it does add extra stress since the team must spend most of the weekend preparing for the show.

“It is a lot of work putting on a show, a lot of preparation time,” O’Brien expressed, but she still admitted that riding Cornell horses gave the Red an edge, “Having the home field advantage is a big advantage [for us].”

The Red will be looking for several strong performances this weekend to gain ground in the standings.

Mitchell indicated that, “the team is looking for everyone to ride with the determination and skill that they have shown in the earlier shows.”

Senior tri-captain Julie Canter added, “Everyone on the team is really prepared and really excited for this Sunday.”

Junior Arianna Tunsky-Brashich has been a strong rider for them team in the past two shows taking first place in novice flat and novice fences in both meets. Her efforts have earned her high point rider honors for both shows. The Red will look for her to win both divisions again.

The Red will also look for leadership from its O’Brien, Canter as well as fellow senior tri-captain Zoe Orecki. Orecki won first-place in the open flat at Skidmore. O’Brien gave a solid performance at the show, placing second in the open fences and fourth in the open flat, while Canter finished second in both the open flat and open fences. The squad will look for them to step up this Sunday.

Sophomore Jeannette Pettit is within range to qualify for the open division this weekend following her impressive performance at Skidmore where she became the first member to qualify for regionals. She took first in both intermediate flat and intermediate fences.

” I hope to have a good show here and later in the year at regionals,” Pettit opined. She will look to carry momentum from Saratoga Springs into this show as will the rest of the Red.

Archived article by Chris Callanan