December 3, 2001

Flag Adorns Ivy Room Window

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Lambda Phi Epsilon, an Asian-American Interest fraternity, held a fund-raiser this past October and November to benefit the Sept. 11 tragedies, which ultimately led to the unveiling of an American Flag in the Ivy Room on Nov. 15.

Piecing It Together

They sold either stars or sections of stripes made out of felt, which they later pasted together to form a flag. More than 150 participants contributed to the conglomerated effort which raised approximately 600 dollars.

Ricky Fung ’03, President of Lambda Phi Epsilon, said that the fraternity brothers “formed their own service event by constructing the three by six American Flag in an effort … that was extremely successful,” he said.

Jeremy Leaf ’02, who frequents the Ivy Room for lunch, feels that the flag “adds a patriotic air to the dining hall,” he said.

Ivy Room Manager Levon Brewer was glad to have the Ivy Room involved in an act of charity as he is “very much in support of anything raising money for the Sept. 11 funds,” he said.

The flag is located by the juke box in the far end of the Ivy Room Dining facilities.

Dan Arnold ’03, another Ivy Room customer, said he thought that it was, “great to see a charitable act in such a creative manner.”

Archived article by Samantha Sichel