December 6, 2001

Entertainment News

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Here We Go Again

The Miami Herald is reporting that federal agents are currently investigating O.J. Simpson’s possible involvement in an Ecstasy ring. Simpson was heard on several occasions talking with a suspected drug dealer about buying the party drug for himself and his “lady friends,” according to the Herald. I guess Simpson needed a little break from his exhaustive search for his wife’s killer. Though Ecstacy usage certainly explains the low-speed police chase through L.A.

Jingle Battle

Twentieth Century Fox recently won its appeal of a lawsuit filed against it by a Detroit publishing house. The publisher claimed the studio stole its script for the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Jingle All the Way. A Michigan judge struck down most of the $19 million judgment that a jury awarded to the publisher. The publishing house is obviously lying; who in their right mind would admit to actually writing the script for Jingle All the Way?

He’ll Be Back

Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, is working out the details on a deal to have him star in Terminator 3, which begins shooting in April. The third installment in the series will be directed by Jonathan Mostow (U-571), not James Cameron. Internet site reports that the story will feature two evil Terminators, one of which is female.

Other than that, details are scarce — security and secrecy around the project are ridiculously hardcore. The only two copies of the script are being held in a safe. Studios wanting a look have to send a rep in person, and even then they can’t actually touch the script, which is held by a security guard. Personally, I’d be more concerned about dissatisfied security guards making minimum-wage selling copies of the script than high-paid studio executives.

Marky Mark Goes Ape

The ex-bodyguard of Mark Wahlberg is suing the actor for $2 million, claiming Wahlberg assaulted and bit him outside a lower Manhattan restaurant. Police and prosecutors have no information about the alleged assault. Wahlberg does have a history of being mentally unbalanced: after all, he paid more attention to the ape chick than the scantily clad Estella Warren in Planet of the Apes. On the other hand, what kind of bodyguard are you if you can’t even handle the person you’re guarding?

Buyer Beware

A New Jersey woman who donated a Jaguar once owned by Frank Sinatra to an auction benefiting Sept. 11 victims is refusing to give it to the couple who placed the winning bid. Anna May Capelli wants the car back, saying she expected the car to sell for at least twice as much as the $20,000 final bid. I guess the bidders weren’t patriotic enough for Capelli.

Are They Survivors?

After winning big at the 2001 Billboard Music Awards, you’d think Destiny’s Child would be riding high. Member Beyonc