December 6, 2001

HomeBaked Beats

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The first year of the new millennium will soon be a memory. Car dealerships will try to lure you in with their “End-Of-The-Year Blowouts” and magazines will look back and give their thumbs-up and thumbs-down. Ithaca music deserves its own little “Best Of,” but from a more reliably enlightening source: the musicians. For the last HomeBaked Beats of 2001, the artists share their memories from the year and send out some praise to their peers. Perhaps we can call this the “Gorge Awards” or the “Gorgies.”

Nate Silas Richardson

Besides his duties as keyboardist and guitarist for the roots-reggae band John Brown’s Body, Nate has released Uproot under his Silas moniker, featuring his own unique and compelling compositions. He has also recently performed a number of acoustic shows in town.

Kevin Kinsella

Kevin is the lead singer and guitarist for the phenomenal band John Brown’s Body. He has been playing music here in Ithaca for years, even before his days fronting the Tribulations. He has recently collaborated with Ti Ti Chickapea, and they will soon be releasing a record on Kevin’s own I-Town Records.

Jennie Stearns

Jennie is one of the most gifted singer-songwriters of all time