December 6, 2001

Test Spins: The Get Up Kids

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On Eudora, a collection of b-sides and compilation tracks spanning the band’s history, the Get Up Kids brandish everything from covers of the Pixies and Motley Crue to alternate versions of previously released tracks. Those unfamiliar with The Get Up Kids can use this album to get acquainted with the band’s style.

The covers are solid, especially the band’s emo version of “Close to Me” by The Cure. Cure frontman Robert Smith and New Order’s Bernhard Sumner are known for writing poignant lyrics, but delivering them without emotion. The band injects their pure enthusiasm into their Cure cover, but, unfortunately return a near copy of New Order’s “Regret.”

But the tracks that stand out are the Get Up Kids’ originals. “Up on the Roof,” “Anne Arbour,” and “Ten Minutes” are marked by infectious riffs and wailing vocals that are true to the band’s emo-pop genre. The album is a more than fulfilling listen, but it lacks the majesty of an actual new release. Fans of the Kids will only have to wait until early 2002 for that.

Archived article by Nikhil Swaminathan