December 7, 2001

Ten Moments That Caught Our Eye

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The year’s almost up, and what better way to celebrate than by reflecting on all the memorable moments — good, bad and ugly — that have filled The Sun’s sports pages these last few months. Here, then in no particular order, are what we consider the most notable moments in Cornell sports this semester:

Krzysztof’s Empty-Netter —

Nov. 25

One night after botching a two-goal lead at No. 5 BU, there were four seconds left for the men’s hockey team to salvage its weekend in Boston. Cornell held a tenuous 3-2 lead, but the Terriers had just pulled goaltender Sean Fields and were pounding shots at Red netminder David LeNeveu.

Then senior Krzysztof Wieckowski struck. He wove his way into the BU zone and he scored an empty-net goal to give Cornell a 4-2 victory. It may very well be that in four months or so, the Red’s win on Commonwealth Ave. may have been a crossroads for the season. A week earlier, sloppy play late against Harvard cost it a key ECAC victory. Beating BU may not have been as savory as a win over those Crimson rascals, but it sure helped wash up the wounds.

Men’s Soccer Gets Screwed —