January 24, 2002

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The Internet has become a digital source of all types of information. From virtual movies, to online games, to interactive Web sites, online entertainment has become the entertainment of a new era. The Internet has also provided convenience in the attainment of practical and everyday aspects of life as well. As we just completed a season of shopping, presents, and holiday gift lists, we all know that the Internet has become the source of the online shopping craze. Most major stores contain their own Web sites, and shopping has become as easy as hopping out of bed and sitting in front of a computer in one’s pj’s. Although this takes much of the fun out of department store forays, online shopping has become another convenient modernization of the digital age.

While everyone knows about the common and easily accessible Web sites of their favorite stores, what they don’t know is that there are many unknown online sources of interactive shopping that allow the customer to actually tweak certain products to their own customization and fit their purchases to their personal bodily needs. One such Web site, www.reflect.com, allows visitors to create their own beauty care products by giving personalized information to a computerized questionnaire.

This Web site allows visitors to become the creators of their own beauty aids and, with individualized attention, to be participants in an interactive means of essential beauty shopping. The experience is even more individualized than some department store make-up counters, where employees are often helping many customers at one time and convincing customers to settle on products that may not be entirely perfect or even complimentary to one’senniividual features.

Choosing from cosmetics, skincare, hair care, fragrance, or all of the previously mentioned products, visitors can obtain an entire beauty regiment that is personalized to one’s needs, color preference, fragrance choice, packaging predilection, and even desired name for an item. In essence, each shopper can create a line of beauty products enriched with the nutrients she requires, as well as give personal input into the naming, packaging, and other trivial yet fun aspects of a product’s creation.

As an online make-up artist, www.reflect.com actually allows its visitors to experiment with different shades and different ingredients that will enhance one’s beauty on an individualized level. With authorized dermatologists and beauty professionals who work for high-fashion magazines such as Vogue and W as the masterminds behind the Web site’s success, this online shopping experience seems completely reliable and even has a guarantee of complete satisfaction. While some people are wary to purchase a product that cannot first be seen, one can recustomize without an additional fee and without even having to return the unsatisfactory product.

Visitors can register on the site and, in addition to formulating individual products, create a filofax of personal information, including past purchases, individual beauty tips, and a beauty profile. With prices that are comparable to other high-quality cosmetics, this site offers the advantage of convenience and personalization. As the winter months are upon us, this site remedies the problem of having to face the unbearable cold to go shopping, as well as the effect that the bitter cold can have on the appearance of one’s hair and skin. Customers have been absolutely satisfied with the products of Reflect.com, and women can rejoice that there is finally a Web site that specifically attends to one’s cosmetic needs.

Although this site essentially caters to the needs of women, men can visit the site to browse for the perfect gift for a friend, a family member, or a significant other. In addition to the customizable portion of the site, there are also links to pre-made make-up accessories, gift sets perfect for travel, at-home spa treatments, and gift certificates for use on the site. Or, one can create a signature fragrance for one’s own scent preference — a unique and personal gift. These are the gifts of relaxation that almost every woman would enjoy, and gifts that are easily attainable in the comfort of one’s home.

Many visitors have abandoned their reliance on particular cosmetic lines and have turned to www.reflect.com for their beauty and nutrient needs. Color, quality, and nutrient essentials are necessary in the creation of a product that fully adheres to one’s cosmetic specifics. Thus, this site enables women to finally attain the perfect product, have fun experimenting with different cosmetic creations, and feel confident when they are successful in creating a product that compliments their exact requests.

Helping women look their very best, this Web site adheres to its name in that women are prompted to reflect upon beauty considerations that they perhaps never accounted for in their cosmetic purchases. As celebrity make-up artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen explains, “My approach has always been to reveal and emphasize each woman’s unique beauty. With the help of the right colors, well-chosen products, and subtle techniques, a woman can enhance her best features, her individuality, and style.” That is exactly what this interactive Web site provides.

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