January 30, 2002

They Hate Harvard Too!

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It’s good to know that the guys in the Cornell men’s hockey locker room hate Harvard as much as the rest of us do.

“I hate them more than anything else right now!” exclaimed junior assistant captain Doug Murray. “It’s nothing you can describe in words. It’s a feeling you get inside you. You get a little extra to you.”

So for the fans in Lynah and the players on the ice, this Friday’s Cornell-Harvard contest won’t be just a game. It’ll be THE GAME.

“We were taught even before we came to school here that Harvard’s the bad guy,” said junior Sam Paolini. “During the year, you want to do three things: you want to beat Harvard, you want to clinch home ice, and you want to win the ECACs.”

“You’ve got everything: you’ve got the fish, you’ve got the history. It’s one of the most fun games you can play in all of sports I think,” added senior goalie Matt Underhill.

Yes, for students and townies, it’s the hottest ticket in town. But rest assured, the game is no less special for the players. The Lynah atmosphere is often touted by the players as their favorite part of the game. They even love the fish.

“It’s great. Fans put on a great atmosphere every home game, but the Harvard game is always something extra,” Murray said.

“When Harvard comes to town, it’s probably the biggest weekend at home for the year,” said junior captain Stephen B