January 31, 2002

On the Wire

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As I was reading this week’s issue of People magazine, I decided to explore their Web site at www.people.com. With an entire page dedicated to this web site’s contents, People is only one of the many magazines that has also implemented an online edition of their weekly periodical. While the web site includes the feature articles of that week’s issue from a Golden Globe report to a story about the troubled life of Carol Burnett, it also features links specific to an online community.

This week’s online specials include a link to a special report of the upcoming Olympics, as well as other entertaining specials that can only be accessed via the World Wide Web. These links bring the online reader closer to an in depth knowledge of the stars and of Hollywood trivia at its best. With an entertainment news ticker that runs across the top of the screen, visitors are always updated on the latest and juiciest Hollywood stories. Complete with online polls, answers to browsers’ questions, and specials specific to only people.com, this site deserves much acclaim. Such polls include “Which of these actors would you most like to make a comeback in 2002?”

As I browsed the site, I found none other than a special link that provides an early Valentine’s Day-esque appeal. Asking “Are they really in love?,” this web site awards star-studded romance the celebrity spotlight. Featuring couples, such as tennis pro Pete Sampras and actress Bridgette Wilson, the famed David Bowie and Iman, the gorgeous Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, the newsworthy Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie, the classic Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the teenage heartthrobs Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, online readers can explore the lives of these celebrity couples in love.

As a Valentine’s Day precursor, this accessible link actually grants us access to the romantic lives of our favorite stars. Yes, through people.com, readers are prompted to live vicariously through their very own Hollywood idols, even through their very own idols’ Hollywood break-ups. Other subtopics of the romantic forays of our favorite celebs include links to how these stars met, great Hollywood weddings, the inside scoop of the most romantic celebrities, and even an interactive quiz that allows (female) readers to discover which gorgeous stars meet their personal preferences. After taking this quiz, I learned that Brad Pitt is the incurable romantic that meets the profile of my ideal Hollywood hunk