February 1, 2002

Red Fencers Fight the Crimson

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While the Red hockey team takes on Harvard Friday night, the Cornell fencing squad will get a shot at its fiercest rival on Saturday when it travels to Cambridge to take on the Crimson. The fencers will also take on NYU that day and move crosstown to Brandeis on Sunday, where they will face Brown, MIT and Boston College in addition to the home squad.

The recent history against these foes is mixed, and all signs point to an exciting series of matchups. Last year, Cornell lost to Harvard and fell by one bout to Brown. They did, however, defeat MIT and Boston College. This is the first time during head coach Al Peters’s six-year tenure that the Red has played NYU.

One by One

While some of these battles may seem to loom larger than others, Peters and the team are focusing carefully on each match.

“These are all good teams,” he notes. “Obviously, we would love to get revenge on Harvard. They’re one of our fiercest Ivy League rivals. It would be nice to hold against the other three teams as well.”


While the Ivy matches may draw more attention, Peters is wary of the other teams, particularly MIT.

“We beat MIT last year but they are tremendously improved,” he asserts. “We’ll have our hands full. It’s nice to get a chance to play NYU this year, and I hope that they become a permanent part of our schedule.”

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