February 7, 2002

Cracker Snaps, then Pops

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“The kindest thing to do is to trust the audience, to trust that there are other people out there who’ll feel the same way.”

This generous remark by singer/guitarist David Lowery sets the stage for Cracker’s fifth album, Forever. Oftentimes playful and eccentric, and always with the listeners in mind, their latest work is proficiently encrusted with creative outlets for all the band members. With the flavorful keyboard of Kenny Margolis and the expressive notes of Brandy Wood’s bass, the album succeeds in generating an instrumental climate that is occasionally suggestive of a classical piece. Unfortunately, this immaculate background of the ensemble is obscured by Lowery’s routine lyrics, as well as by the, albeit talented, drummer Frank Funaro and guitarist Johnny Hickman. Their repetitive sounds and clich