February 7, 2002

Test Spin Tristeza

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Tristeza share more than a few letters with their instrumental, post-rock forefathers Tortoise, and now they can add one more commonality: a CD of other artists remixing their songs. What the two bands do not share, besides a and o, is the end result. While Tortoise pulls off a compelling mix of experimentalism and accessibility, Tristeza falls short on both fronts.

Mixed Signals is primarily comprised of sleep-inducing, electronically polished remixes that are less gripping than the original versions found on Dream Signals in Full Circles. The cast of remixers is notable, however, and Sientific American gives “Shifty Drifty,” an already commandingly creative track, a fitting treatment. The melodic bass lines, galloping beats, and warm guitar tones are consistent as always, but lack the effectiveness of the band’s non-remixed material. Simon Raymonde, of the Cocteau Twins, contributes his remix of “Are We People,” which proves to be the disc’s closing gem.

Tristeza are certainly no pioneers, but they are jumping onto an admittedly exciting bandwagon.

Archived article by Ben Kupstas